Agility Plus Questions and Answers

What are the ingredients in Agility Plus?

Agility Plus uses a special patented formulation to provide electrolytes in ionic form throughout a period of about 24 hours. The formulation is designed to leave muscles free to exercise efficiently without internal damage. The substances used are all permitted by the Food Supplement Regulations of England and Wales. The amounts per single capsule are:- Magnesium 2mg (.5 per cent RDA), Chloride 131mg (3.85 per cent RDA), Sodium 81mg (3.38 per cent RDA), Potassium 3mg (.09 per cent RDA). RDA is Recommended Daily Allowance.

These values are derived from Magnesium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, and Sodium Bicarbonate. Other ingredients are a vegetable capsule, calcium carbonate, white wax USP, cornstarch, magnesium silicate, and wood sugar (non-nutritive). Agility Plus is made from natural ingredients and is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Agility Plus is suitable for vegetarians. The capsule is vegetable and is certified Kosher and Halal.

If I can play sport without cramps or stitch, won't I test positive?

Agility Plus will never test positive under any sport regulations. Each daily capsule contains only tiny quantities of electrolytes which are already present in large quantities in the body, and are provided by a normal varied diet. Agility Plus just makes sure that the body electrolytes are always available for use - something no other product can do.

I want to keep trim and toned but I don't want to spend hours in the gym.

Now you don't have to. Agility Plus makes the muscles much more efficient. You need have no fear of getting "muscle bound". All you need to do is add a bit more exercise to your daily routine. Don't forget, with Agility Plus, you can exercise every day. No need to wait three days for your muscles to recover. So, use the stairs instead of the lift and walk instead of ride, whenever you can. We even see people driving their cars from one store to another at retail parks!

You can tone up with a few push ups each day, on the floor or against a wall. A very good exercise, particularly for women who wear heels, is this. Stand with the toes of bare feet on the edge of a step. Allow the backs of the feet to go down below the level of the step. Then raise them up above the step. Do as many as you can with two feet, then try with one foot at a time. You get shapely calves as well as improving the circulation to the feet.

I am over sixty and my muscles have reduced with age until it almost seems they don't exist. Is it too late to start?

Muscles do not actually deteriorate with age, they only deteriorate with not being used. Follow the instructions for using Agility Plus and just get started. Most communities have activities for seniors, or just start with walking. Try to walk on grass rather than hard surfaces to protect the knee joints until the joint supporting musculature is better conditioned. Pulling yourself up on an overhead bar, or pulling down on a gym machine, is very beneficial to keep the back well conditioned and free from pain. Take advice from an exercise professional if possible.

How exactly does Agility Plus work?

In people who have not taken Agility Plus, muscle biopsies taken on the day after hard exercise show bleeding and disruption of the z-band filaments that hold muscle fibers together, as they slide over each other during a contraction.. There is plenty of advice about how to deal with this damage and soreness, but none goes to the actual cause. Only patented Agility Plus provides the correct balance of ions 24/7. With Agility Plus there is no more excess lactic acid and no more soreness.

We need to go into the reason why damage, disruption and bleeding occurs in muscles that have developed through evolution over millions of years. Why should just a little more effort cause this problem?

The inventor of Agility Plus, Warren Ward, found the answer to the the problem, and the same problem in horses, In over twenty years of research he came to a conclusion that is fundamental to human and horse metabolism, but is not mentioned anywhere in the scientific literature. It is that when the body is put under stress there is an automatic conservation, or "locking up", of electrolytes. This is a perfectly sensible precaution in animals that, under the stress of exertion or heat, produce copious sweat. The only animals this applies to are humans and horses. Without this precaution the body could lose a catastrophic quantity of electrolytes in liquids leaving the body.

However this conservation of electrolytes occurs in well fed humans who actually have plenty of electrolytes from a normal diet. Muscles need millions of electrolyte ions per second to pass through the nerve junctions controlling the muscle action. If some of these ions are conserved, or "locked up", as a result of stress then part of the muscle has normal action and part is static, resulting from inoperative nerve junctions. The muscle fibres tear apart causing the familiar soreness.

What Agility Plus does is to provide a constant background low level of ions during 24 hours so that the inappropriate conservation does not occur. Thus muscle can always perform and grow at maximum efficiency, and the rule that "there is no gain without pain" no longer applies.