Agility Plus Instructions for Use

Agility Plus capsules are specially designed to prevent and reduce muscle soreness after or during exercise. This includes preventing DOMS - delayed onset muscle soreness, which typically is muscle soreness two days after exercise.

Agility Plus also prevents acute muscle soreness. Acute muscle soreness or cramps often occurs during sport, or running, climbing or walking, or during work activities.

Agility Plus provides a constant balance of appropriate electrolytes in ionic form continuously for 24 hours. This allows muscles to gain the benefit of exercise without soreness.

Always only gradually increase effort, speed or distance. Add a little more each day.   Do not overtrain.

Suggested usage

Swallow one capsule daily with plenty of water. Do not suck or chew the capsule.

Persons under 25 - take one Agility Plus capsule per day for 14 days, then as required.

Persons over 25 - take one Agility Plus capsule per day for 28 days, then as required.

Agility Plus may safely be taken continuously, one capsule per day, if required.

Each Agility Plus capsule is active for about 24 hours. Do not take more than one capsule per day.

Agility Plus is not suitable for children under 13, unless recommended by a physician.

Please note that Agility Plus is not a medicine and is not intended to treat pain resulting from trauma or disease. Agility Plus is not designed to treat any medical condition or disease.

Agility Plus will not test positive in any sport or competition.

Warnings and Side Effects of Agility Plus.

There are no known adverse side effects.

Agility Plus may make muscles and the blood circulatory system more efficient. Persons taking medication for circulatory or heart conditions, e.g. hypertension, should consult their physician. For those taking Agility Plus combined with any level of exercise, it may be necessary to reduce or cease the prescribed medication.

Persons taking prescribed medication should not make any changes to the medication without consulting the prescribing physician.

Persons using spectacles or contact lenses, particularly for short sightedness, may find that long term use of Agility Plus improves eyesight. Persons using medication for glaucoma may find that the condition improves. It is advisable to consult an eyesight professional regularly including an eyesight test at least once every twelve months.

Product monitoring.

Please help others. Please report any unusual or unexpected
effects of using Agility Plus, positive or negative.
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