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Agility Plus for Sport

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Even top professional sports players suffer from muscle soreness and cramps. This includes Acute soreness during a match, or DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness, which typically sets in two days later. Now the curse of muscle soreness can be ended using the continuous electrolyte balance provided by Agility Plus capsules,
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Many people would like to play games or sport maybe one or two evenings, or at the weekend. They are often put off by the thought that they are going to be stiff or sore during the rest of the week. Not only does Agility Plus solve this problem, but makes it much easier to leave the car at home and take a healthy walk, or cycle ride, whenever it suits.
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Just imagine making a journey in the open air, feeling refreshed, and knowing that you will be able to continue the next day without feeling sore. Agility Plus does this.
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backpacking exercise Agility Plus capsules now help to make it possible for anyone to take part in sport without suffering muscle soreness. The pain and cramps result from the body "locking up" electrolytes so that there are not enough ions to operate all of the muscle nerves. Agility Plus ions stop the electrolytes "locking up" so that plenty of ions are available 24/7. Problem solved.
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What causes muscle soreness? Pain and soreness from normal exercise is caused by the body conserving or "locking up" electrolytes. This means that there is a shortage of the millions of ions per second needed to control muscles. Part of the muscle is controlled and part is not - causing strain and damage in the muscle which takes days to heal up.
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gymnast sport In people who have not taken Agility Plus, muscle biopsies taken on the day after hard exercise show bleeding and disruption of the z-band filaments that hold muscle fibers together, as they slide over each other during a contraction.. There is plenty of advice about how to deal with this damage and soreness, but none goes to the actual cause. Only patented Agility Plus provides the correct balance of ions 24/7. With Agility Plus there is no more excess lactic acid and no more soreness.
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